Seaking 9.9hp 2-Stroke Outboard Engine (Short Shaft) – $1485

9.9hp 2-Stroke Outboard Engine  – Short Shaft

2 Year Warranty

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9.9hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine – Short Shaft

Model: OTH9.9s

Warranty: 2 years
Max Output: 9.9hp/7.3kw
Full Throttle Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Stroke: 2
Cylinder: 2
Displacement: 246ml
Bore x Stroke: 56 x 50mm
Length x Width x Height: 873 x 332 1040mm
Weight: 36kg
Gear Ratio: 2.08 (27:13)
Gear Shift Position: F-N-R
Ignition System: CDI
Cooling System: Water Cooling
Starting System: Manual
Contol System: Tiller Control
Lubrication System: Mixed Fuel & Oil
Capacity of Fuel Tank: 24L
Recommended Petrol: Regular unleaded
Recommended Lubricant: 2 stroke outboard engine oil
Recommended Gear Oil: Hypoid gear-oil SAE90
Recommeded Propeller: J


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